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Education Office, Consulate General of Spain

Mónica Comas Rodríguez

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March 23 - 26, 2021 TIME: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT)

Our Education Office of Spain is devoted to the promotion and dissemination of the Spanish language and culture. We have a wide range of programs to offer in which teachers and students of Spanish may participate and benefit from them for their personal and professional development.
Here are some of our programs

Applications open:

- Summer courses and master´s degrees in Spanish Universities (deadline: March 31) (SMASHING PRICES): https://bit.ly/2OQhulN

Language and Culture assistants in K-12 programs in the USA and in Spain

American assistants in Spain (deadline: April 6): http://bit.ly/3tFIinw

Spanish assistants in the US (deadline for US schools to apply: April 9): https://bit.ly/3s2tSOd

- PD opportunities in the USA: follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SpainEdOffice

Applications now closed for 2021:

- Spanish visiting teachers in K-12 programs in the USA: http://bit.ly/3r6zyVY

- Teacher and School of the Year Awards: http://bit.ly/3r4Ba2x

- Literary contest "Escribo en Español" for K-11 students (in partnership with the CDE): http://bit.ly/3eX5ZE4

- Click here for information on our network of American schools with DLI programs endorsed by the Embassy of Spain (ISA schools): https://bit.ly/39z8yro

- Click here for further information on our Educational Outreach Programs: https://bit.ly/3tA5Avc

Contact details:
Education Office of Spain
5055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel. (323) 852-6997